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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by pressley10r, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. pressley10r

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    Am thinking about a compact tractor, 4wd, in the 25-30 hp range. Its tasks would range from dragging a boxscrape, pulling a pulverizer to fix yards, bush hogging, 3pt aerator, maybe a small 3 pt sprayer with boom. Don't need a FEL, that's what my bobcat is for. Ag or turf tires? This time of year it would be running through some nice yards with the aerator, but at the same time I wonder if turf tires would hold up when Im running it through an overgrown field bush hogging with sticks and rocks and briers? What size engine? What brands? Thoughts?
  2. kwwolfe

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    I would look at the big three to begin with (Deere, Kubota, Massey) and see who they compare in prices. Each one is comparable, so comfort in the seat and dealer service is going to be a big seller.

    As far as tires, turfs are actaully tuffer than ags. Ags will give you better grip however if you are going to be on people's lawns and are planning on getting MFWD, then turfs should suite you well.

    HP is all going to depend on how big a brush hog you will want to run. Weight is what makes a tractor pull, but hp is what enables you to run a 6-7ft hog.
  3. Marek

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    We have a couple skids and a small tractor also. We don't use it often but when we do it more than earns its keep. Aeration has always been a good money maker for us. We also have a Befco slit seeder for seeding large areas a plow for the front and a pto debris blower for leaves. Kubota has several nice tractors under 50 hp in the L series
  4. Moose's Mowing

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    I just bought a used Kubota B3030. 30 hp, hydrostatic, live PTO, 4x4, Industrial tires. you can get these with a factory cab with ac/heat too. I like it so far. Be sure to get a live PTO, that'll be a blessing when mowing. try to find something with a mid mount pto as well. I literally just got my Kubota this week but so far I used it two days and I'm impressed.
  5. Marek

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    We also run the heavy industrial tires on ours. The turf tires get stuff between the treads when its wet out and makes a mess. We also put heavy duty skid loader tires on the front of our Kubota to help carry the plow or push box. They wear longer and have a much heavier side wall.
  6. F4rm3rj03

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    Consider a hydrostatic transmission. Makes grading in tight places easier and when mowing you can vary your speed with the load.
    R4 tread is what I use and seems to give good performance. Can leave damaging imprints in wet soil- something to consider if working on irrigated lawns.
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  7. pressley10r

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    Ended up getting a nice low hr l3010 back in Oct. Have hardly used it. Hate to say it, needed the tax write-off, but so far, each time I've used it, I feel like I could be doing better/faster with my bobcat if I would've just spent on a rotary cutter and a rock hound. We'll see how much I use it this year. At least I got a good deal in it.
  8. larryinalabama

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    The Bobcat has twice the power don't it?
  9. pressley10r

    pressley10r LawnSite Member
    from NC
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    No, the bobcat is rated at 46 hp I think. The Kub has 30.
  10. CowboysLawnCareDelaware

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    Kubota BX25 up to an L3800.


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