Vertical placement of blade in deck.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Premier landscaping south, Jan 9, 2010.

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    I mow with a 36" Lesco walk behind with a fixed deck. I mow a lot of Bermuda down here and scalping is a problem I have had and something I need to try to fix or make the problem not a worse.

    Mower came with blades installed with 3 thick washers installed on backside of blade.

    If I move these washers on bottom side of blade what adverse effects will this have. Better suction, less or nothing?
  2. topsites

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    Read your owner's manual.
  3. Premier landscaping south

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    Great advise.

    Only problem Lescos version of an owners manual is vague at best when it comes to detailed instruction on a variety of their mowers components.
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    My old metro and my new ferris WB has those washers on the blades, If I got this right, if you mount the blades as high up in the deck as possible, this will lessen the scalping, but you will have to compensate the deck height, and the suction in the deck will be greater, versus if you set the blades to the lowest height in the deck, which will obviously cause more scalping, but will also lessen the suction, I used to think the higher the blades, the lower the suction, but was told the correct way ( at least I think its right?) I mount my blades pretty much in the middle as it doesnt make that much difference anyway. Good Luck
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    Generally your best cut happens within 1/4 inch of the bottom. Equally important is front/ rear rake, side to side level and deck trueness. Get a HOC tool and set up your deck right and if you are still scalping make any adjustments from there.

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