Vertical shart diesel engine

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DXN1EL, Mar 13, 2013.

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    A fuel filter for my Duramax is $45 while a set of injectors is $6,000

    It ain't hard to get dirty fuel, especially when you buy it where we do like at gas stations with a diesil pump out back.

    Your signature is kind of funny, "Don't buy air cooled crap, get diesel." Then your thread talks about air cooled diesel.
    The leader in air cooled diesel is Dieutz. Mounted to their tractors they're not too noisy. But I tried out a 72" Gravely with a Dieutz motor. They didn't use isolating motor mounts, sound baffels or Dieutz muffler. The noise was literally unbearable! Something like combining a rock chrusher and a jack hammer! Especially when you got it between two buildings.

    That's what I'm wondering about your Chinese diesel. Does it clatter like a Yanmar? We have to take this equipment to customers properties and some ain't going to like the noise.
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    diesel's have such fine injectors and operate at extremely high pressures, especially the newer common rail motors. mine runs upwards of 25k psi fuel rail pressure. it doesn't take much at those pressures to damage something. filtering down to about 3 micron absolute is cheap insurance against injector and pump wear, as stated above injectors are very expensive.
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    I am aware about the common rails, with pleasure around 2,000 bar (36,000 psi) and five injections per combustion cycle helps with fuel economy. I know kohler KDI have these cool little things these 3 and 4 cylinder diesel Engines with a common rail and a turbocharger up 56 horsepower with a 3 cylinder
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    I dont know about you guys but in my neck of the woods a "shart" is actually a scary combo move that may cause you to need to change your undies!
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    If you had to replace one of those engines you would definitely SHART !
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    haha "shart" in the title. LOL :laugh:
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    old news:hammerhead:

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