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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MJK, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. MJK

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    I'm confused on how this works. OK say i want to sub out a Retaining wall, now i have the contractor that i'm subbing it out to give me the price on the wall, then i give the price to the homeowner, they agree, i sign them up like i'm doing the work, then does myself and the contractor i'm subbing the work out to sign an agreement? If so does anyone have a basic copy they use that i could see? If so PM me. Thanks a ton.

  2. LockedNLoaded

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    I would think you would have some sort of relationship with the subcontractor previously and would work out a cheaper rate for sending him business and you pocket a little as an affiliate kinda thing.
  3. MJK

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    What about when your dealing with someone for the first time?
  4. pbdlandscaping

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    I would just talk to the guy, kind of shoot the breeze with him tell him you'd like to make a $100 or a couple hundred bucks off of it, have his give you a quote with your take in it and give it to the home owner. Subcontracting can work out good because, you might only make $100, but how much work did you have to do? None. I don't know about you but making $100 bucks doing nothing would not make me upset.
  5. bullethead

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    Tell him (retaining wall guy) what you are doing - I have a landscape design that includes a retaining wall and would like to sub this part of the job out - are you interested - if yes send me a proposal.

    Obtain his proposal and request proof of insurance (faxed direct from insurance co to you)

    Read his proposal and terms, if you like it - then accept it, contingent upon you getting the job from the homeowner

    Take his price and mark it up 20-30%, then include the marked-up price in your proposal to the homeowner.

    If you get the job, let the sub know asap and give him your timeline, so he can get you on his schedule.

    Make sure you make some money off the deal because a) you found the client and b) your arse is on the line if something goes wrong
  6. MJK

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    Do i need to sign something with the Wall guy to ensure he does the work specified?
  7. scottish lscape1

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    You should sign the contract. You should have something that states on the contract the following:
    Transfers: This agreement and the rights and obligations of the contractor may be subcontracted, or transferred, in whole or in part, without the written consent of the owner.
    Also, get something writing from your sub, to cover your A$$. & Add 7-12% to your sub's price because your wallet needs to get large as well.

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