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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Acerdavidi, Mar 6, 2000.

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    I am attempting to put in a for a commercial property that has approx. 53,000 sq ft. The property is in great condition and requires a lot of maintenance such as string trimming and edging. They just want me to mow once a week and do a spring clean-up with edging of all the beds-approx. 1,500 feet. The lawn areas are not open mowing, there are landscape beds everywhere which makes a lot of turning and manuvering. Equipment that we will use are:1 Walker riding mower and two walk-behind mowers. If anyone has any idea how i can price this out that would be great. Any info would help-this bid is driving me crazy!!! <br>Thanks Again.<p>----------<br>David<br>Northeast Ohio
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    You might be better off breaking it down and looking at it as several smaller jobs-say, an edging job three times a year, a cleanup, five-5300 sq ft mowing jobs with push mowers and one half-acre job with thw walker, etc.<p>All at the same stop.<p>See where Im going with this?<p>Bill
  3. When a measure a industrial job I take only four measurements.<p>1. 21&quot; lawn mow and bag footage<br>2. 52&quot; mow and side discharge footage<br>3. Linear feet of stuff to be trimmed/edged<br>4. sq footage of landscape beds.<p>With those numbers I can put togeather a<br>complete grounds maint. proposal in less than<br>an hour. Copies in triplicate, copies of<br>pesticide bus and applicators license, copy<br>of insurance certificate so all they have to<br>do is sign on the dotted line.<br>
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    I'm probably helping more than I should:<p>We do a site that is 51M for $124.00/week. I does have a lot of edging, but few landscape beds to contend with.
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    how many square feet are in an acre???
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    43,560 Sq. Ft. = 1 acre.
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    I'm right there with this guy. Is there a factor you can use such as $ x sq.ft. to calculate a bid for a job like this. I've noticed by reading the comments on this and another web site that I should not under bid my work, but that is hard if I don't have a factor to go by. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.<p>----------<br>Kevin S. Knight<br>
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    Well guys I found my information in another forum that was posted a while back. Thanks any way. I knew I was bound to find something with all of the info discussed. You can still elaborate a little. I found one guy say he uses $1.25 - $1.50 per Sq.Ft.<br>This is very helpful. Then another guy said he used this same factor but added a $20.00 Stop Fee. I don't know if I could get away with charging $47.50 for a lawn, just my opinion would like to hear from more of you guys that have been doing this for awhile.<p>----------<br>Kevin S. Knight<br>
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    I know its dissapointing to lose a bid but if you get everyone you submit, your too low!!!<br>Mark A Musolf

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