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very excited


LawnSite Member
st.louis, mo
I just happend to stumble on this site a few days ago and its been like a good book, I just cant put it down. This will be my first full year in business and as everyone can guess I am excited. For the past four years it's been many long evenings and weekends. One question I do have is on the commercial end of business. All of my clients are residential. I would like some small commercial jobs but I just dont know how to go about it. I am insured and have professional equipment but havent pursued this end of the business. Any help would be much appreciated. Good luck to all.

Vibe Ray

LawnSite Senior Member
Slidell, LA
Sorry I don't do any commercials yet, but welcome to LawnSite. This place is worth 100x its weight in gold for us guys and gals. Make sure you read up a lot on this site before the growing season reaches you!

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
Welcome to Lawnsite Sanford. :)

The best way to get commercial accounts is to go to the office of the site you wish to take care of and ask for the person in charge of the maintenance of it. It is best to talk to them in person and ask if you can submit a bid. Act professional and find out exactly what services they are presently having done to their grounds.


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Waldoboro, Me
commercial accounts are great. all you do is watch the papers for the bids or going in and ask when or if they are bidding out fo rthe summer. i hae had as many commercial as residental. and i love to have them looking perfect and better than those around it.


LawnSite Senior Member
Welcome Sanford, I bet you are excited 1st full yr. I would agree with what Eric said about the commercial accounts. I have several and thats the way i approched it, I wish you much success this season, Remember do the best job you can do, and your work will sell itself, thats what i do and it has come back ten-fold. Marks Mowing Service


LawnSite Platinum Member
Sanford, I started out with all residential like you. Now I have 75% commercial accounts. I usually just go after the jobs I want. Send them a short and sweet letter. Also, look for new construction. Go to the new building before it's done and ask about lawn care. You might save them the trouble of finding someone else.


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St. Louis, Mo
I believe, Sanford, you are going to be successful.
Keep us updated on how you progress. And as always, share the wealth with your family!!!!

See ya,


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one way of getting commercial accounts is to talk to friends and ask them to find out some info on their place of employment. sometimes they can even what the current contract is going for and who to talk to about it. this always help Good luck


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Many banks and commercial locations are going to corporate account managers. These guys are the ones who make many of the vendor decisions or who is going to do the work.

I met a corporate guy over the telephone. He got my name and number from the yellow pages. He called me 2 years ago to do an estimate for maintenance for a local bank branch and I got it. Over the past two years he has thrown other work my way when he hears about it.

I have thought of trying to find out these corporate managers (usually a separate company from the branch your visiting) and contacting them directly. I haven't tried it yet, but I would find a bank branch (National branch...First Union, Wachovia, Nations Bank, etc...) and try to ask someone in the bank if they know the coporate manager. Once you get one you'll probably get more if you do good work.

I like them because they are easy to deal with usually. They are making money by marking up your maintenance slightly. I am happy because I just do the work, no bs.