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Many banks and commercial locations are going to corporate account managers. These guys are the ones who make many of the vendor decisions or who is going to do the work.

I met a corporate guy over the telephone. He got my name and number from the yellow pages. He called me 2 years ago to do an estimate for maintenance for a local bank branch and I got it. Over the past two years he has thrown other work my way when he hears about it.

I have thought of trying to find out these corporate managers (usually a separate company from the branch your visiting) and contacting them directly. I haven't tried it yet, but I would find a bank branch (National branch...First Union, Wachovia, Nations Bank, etc...) and try to ask someone in the bank if they know the coporate manager. Once you get one you'll probably get more if you do good work.

I like them because they are easy to deal with usually. They are making money by marking up your maintenance slightly. I am happy because I just do the work, no bs.
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