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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DM1, Jul 12, 2006.

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    Hello all, I am thinking of starting on the lawn service endevor. With the rising cost of college tuition I'm looking to help my income. I have worked for a professional service before, so I do know what I am doing. I have aquired some nice equipment. echo stick edger, echo trimmer, Stihl BR550 blower, and Honda 215 mower (not the greatest, I know However all I have). Ihave truck and trailer, rakes and shovels etc. I was looking to do work on some evenings and weekends. I have no idea what to charge for jobs, majority of homes in my area are sitting on 1/4 arce. Being in Florida the lawns are flat with thick St. Augistine grass with trimming around drive ways and side walk runners. I was thinking of sticking to the basics mowing, trimming, edging, and maybe gutter cleaning. Is there a flat fee for these services, I know that it will vary upon conditions, but any advise would be appreciated. What other services are standard in lawn care? How should I bill people, seeing that I'm just starting, per service, monthly? This is a great site, I have found some great info here and hope to hear from you to help me in this endevor. Thank you
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    Sounds like a lot of equipment already a good start. Lots of guys start with less than that. You will recieve differing opinions on the matter of billing, Per service would be the best to start because if you start out extending credit (by allowing several cuts to go unpaid for an entire month) you will have no cashflow and therefore will not be as able to meet your bills. They go to buy something now, they expect to get it now so unless you jump the gun and start off taking credit cards from the start I'd say per cut. Then if you get the ol' well my Social Security check doesn't come till or whatever lame excuse they have you know you have a slow/possibly non-paying customer and you have less invested in the job. How do you not know pricing for your area if you have worked on a crew before?
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    I has been a few years and I don't remember what we charged, plus I was not the one handling the billing or collecting. That's why I was looking for some input. I was thinking of getting a quote for my own yard so I have an idea.
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    Here in florida the going rates 35$-$40 per hour pending the area(types of homes). Did you work for the company here in FLA? If so you proablly can look over a landscape and get a good idea of how long it will take. Now that said thats your base price then enter any variables, 1st time clean-up charge for over growth avg 50$(1 time), above normal grass trimming, excessive height of hedges and quanity, above normal landscape beds(more weed control),:cry: . Now thats averages for full service maintenance mow,trim,edge,hedge trimming,weed control no fert or pest control. So you might want to add a good set of hedge trimmers to your list. GOOD LUCK hope this helps.
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    Thank you, nice to finally have a response to question at hand.

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