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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by betts, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. betts

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    With in the next two weeks or so I am suppose to discuss taking over a very large facility in the neighborhood of 50 acres of mowed area, the contract right now is $22,000 I could do it for 20,000 or 21,000 per month, would this be wise for a small company and what type of equipment would ya'll suggest for the job. Right now two w/b. Thanks for the help.

    Jeremy Betts
    Betts landscaping
  2. tiedeman

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    if you can fit it into your schedule go for it. But you shouldn't judge your pricing of what it was before. Judge your pricing on what your time and energy is worth. If it is worth $23,000, then bid it at $23,000.
  3. Phishook

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    You say you can do it for $20-21,000, and you don't know what equipment you'll be using?

    Better let this one go. At least until you can vote.
  4. Rustic Goat

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    Although this property possibly sounds your dream account, from what you describe & the way you present the facts about it, sounds like the fish is bigger than the boat!
    $20- whatever dollar, just could be too low of a bid, especially when doing with 2w/bs.

    You really need to be able to tell what your total cost of operation is going to be to bid this type of account. Definitely not like bidding a $35 lawn and realizing it's a little larger than you thought, oops!

    Large commercial accounts can lock you in also.
  5. STAN1366

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    Sounds great,'d you find out about it? Who are you going to talk to in 2 weeks about "taking over"? Do they pay monthly so you can purchase any additional equipment as needed? Do you have the vehicles to haul it to the site? Sounds like quite a bit of work to be asking of 2 - 48" w/b's not to mention the guy's "walking behind them! As easy as you can maybe get this account, how easy would it be to get out? It could be a fantastic oppurtunity for you and I don't mean to talk you out of it, just walk into it slowly. Good luck.
  6. cos

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    Does the kid even drive? Look at his profile!

    I agree with Phishook.
  7. Lawn Tek

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    Dream on
    No 48 W B' S aint the ticket
  8. Jon99

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    How long would it take two guys to mow 50 acres on 48" WB's????? Seems like that would be about 15 hours worth of sore hands, back and just about everything else...
  9. Lakeview

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    First of all find someone who will let you borrow the money for some larger equipment and take them to the equipment dealer with you. Explain what you are trying to accomplish to the dealer. The dealer will consider working with you because you will be purchasing equipment from him. If you are sucessfull then he will be sucessfull and he knows this.
    He will be able to tell you what equipment will work the best and will also help give you an estimate on how much ground you can cover with what equipment in what amount of time. You and the dealer can determine the cost of mowing that much acreage.
  10. Fantasy Lawns

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    50 Acres for $20k ??? per month ..... is this cut every other day .... how many cuts in the season .... is it monthly year round income .... I'd move two guys up there for that kinda $$$

    I really don't care what an operator is getting at the present time for a job .... I bid at my price ..... if I'm low oh well .... if I'm high so be it ..... either way I figure with what n whom I got at this time ..... never bid a job .... so you can get equip you DON'T have .... what happens when or if you lose the job ???

    Also ..... n don't take this but anything but fact ..... I've NEVER delt with a commercial bid .... large at least .... when they don't request beyond the basics ($1-2 mill liability, W/C & comm vehicle insurance) but also list of references - equip list - # of employees or crews

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