Very Large Company Beat my bid

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by TexasFire221, Sep 2, 2011.

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    The op made the mention of the sod cost as well. They may be doing the irrigation very discounted to get the other work. Also I'v seen the national providers install a job at 1-2% profit only to get the maintenance, spraying and Enhancement work that operated on much inflated margins. If it was only your 2nd system and you didnt get it. It may be a blessing disguise. And in my opinion if I was relying on my "irrigation guy" to guide me that in itself would make me very nervous you need to know whats going on mot rely on an employee that is app to call in sick, want a raise or quit, then there goes your irrigation dept.
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    My mentor once told me, "you don't want all the work, only the good ones."
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    I aim for 3 out of 5. Less then that I will lower price a bit , more I will raise it.
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    I told a would-be client to stick it years ago 'cause he/she were Cali transplants with a "me,me,me" attitude. I realized on the way back to the shop that I prolly screwed myself and the crew 'cause it would have been a nice 30 zoner to take us into the fall. After a couple of beers wondering about my attitude, the phone rang, turned out to be a software couple that were on a fast track. No questions were asked about price, because it was a referral, so we swung in and did one mo/fo system that I could not have done if not for bailing on the "gut feeling" job. Follow your instinct......and bliss. :dancing:

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