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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grass-scapes, Mar 29, 2005.

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    Ok.... Here is what I have. Home Owners Association. Common area mowing along with pool area, pond area and pipeline right of way areas. Aerating and seeding with tall fescue 2 times per year, Fert and weed control 2 times per year. Im not too sure if leaves will be too difficult..Not too many large mature trees near my common areas.

    Ok, now for the particulars..... Turf area to be mowed weekly, seeded, aerated, fert ed, and weed control......200,000 SF. Just over half of that is easy. No trees to speak of, just trimming around beds. Entrances, pipeline right of ways, etc. The other areas are hilly, or are the banks of the large retaining pond. These are going to be difficult because of the slopes to the pond.

    THEN, there is a bank, sloped 45 to 50 degrees. 50 foot in height and about 600 foot long. must be cut down every 2 weeks. Drainage ditch, 150 foot in length...collects trash sometimes. Must be trimmed weekly, both sides...can be sprayed if I choose. Pick up trash from entire complex weekly...Blow, trim, etc. Im guessing abour 7 hours worth of shrub pruning if I did it all at once. Probably need to do it twice a year or maybe 3 specifications on that. Mulch is an extra bid on this property so thats not an issue.

    I don't want to lose my butt when I bid this. I may win, I may not....there are 5 persons bidding, I am the smallest. I WILL hire at least one person if I win this bid, and will look at purchasing equipment to help with maintaining the harder parts of the property ( any suggestions would be appreciated on this as well). Ive got a figure in mind. Somewhere in the range of $41,000 for the year. It sounds high as hell to me, but thats what my numbers are telling me. Id like to hear what others come up with which will tell me where I stand. If you can break it down so I can see where I need to work on my bidding, I would appreciate it. I may be high in some areas, but low in others. Bid must be submitted by noon on Thursday.

    I really appreciate any help I can get. This is a very large bid for me, but it is an opportunity to grow substantially.
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    Just on the little info you gave I ran my own numbers and came out 3,000 less than what you came out. I would go with what you have it sounds good to me but I have not seen the property either. good luck i hope it works out for you.
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    I just PM'd you on it Grass...

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