Very nice set-up EVERYTHING FOR SALE


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So after a couple years of trying I have finally been accepted into uga to get my Landscape architect degree (hopefully i can get my masters too) So now im down grading my business and selling off everything. I have maintained all of my equipment personally and I had originally planned on keeping it for most of my life, however it looks like my future is going to be in a cubicle.

-2006 f-250 4x4 powerstroke extended cab short bed 120000 miles I have recently put a new turbo in it, it was fleet maintained by sprint until 96,000 miles and had a hardshell cab on the back. It was never used to tow anything until i purchased it. Their service records show that the proper maintenance was done at the right mileage, they spared no expence to keep it running clean, this is why i bought the truck. This truck is my baby and extremely nice. New 33" tires, beefy offroad look however they are meant for highway use. There is a new touchscreen head unit with bluetooth and nice sounding pioneer system. Im asking $16,000

-2005 wright 36" stander rh, 74 hours, i just got it this year and almost bought another one because it is perfect for any lawn under 1/2 acre, we cut only bermuda which scalps easily and with the 36" deck you can cut it low and not scalp, yet it will run circles around my 48" walk behind, $3500

-2005 lesco 48" walk behind with 250 hours, 17 hp, hydro, floating deck. Solid machine, it has never caused me any trouble, i have the striping kit for it however i took it off bc bermuda doesnt stripe and it cuts better w/o it. Jungle jims 2 wheel sulky comes with it

-2009 18x7 enclosed trailer LOADED with racks. I spent over $950 on racks alone for this trailer, Super easy to keep very organized and looks great when the ramp is down. It makes my set-up look extremely professional and leaves a great impression when people pass by. No logos on trailer because i opperated strickly off of word of mouth. 4 new 10 ply tires, normally trailers have 6 ply but the 10 ply hold up much better when loaded down with weight. $3500

-2004 national hydro reel mower, 70 inch triplex, ONLY 280 hours. This machine i picked up at a government auction for a steal, I would like to get $2500 for it because thats what i have in it however im negotiable.

my pictures can be seen on my website pm me for more


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That is a nice looking trailer. I am very interested, but I won't be ready to purchase until sometime in Feb. i may be interested in some of the other pieces as well. I will watch this thread to see what is still available when I'm ready to purchase. good luck in school!