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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The mayor, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. The mayor

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    I was given a very old gravely mower.It is a walk behind but does come with a sulky.The cut is a single 36" blade.It runs and cuts great.My questions is the guy claims it is was bought new in 1932. Are gravelys really that old.Where would one even get parts.The belt that goes to the blade is around 2" wide. Neat old mower,Maybe I sould sell off the chopper:)
  2. GeeVee

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    Is it a tractor unit with a mowing deck or is it a dedicated mower?

    The internet will help you.......

    Hold on to it for fun,......
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  4. The mayor

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    Thanks for all the help.The mower looks like somewhere in the ball park of a toro proline.Strictly just a mower. Very old looking.No safety features.It runs with a wisconsin engine.The unit really does cut nice.Not that I have the room but I will be keeping it.
  5. Richard Martin

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    It's probably an "L" tractor. The first place I'd try for parts is the Gravely dealer. Gravely made a ton of parts for these tractors and they were still available the last time I checked.
  6. leadarrows

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    If you look above your original post - there is an icon that says Gravely. Use it to go to the Gravely web site.

    There is a company history on the Gravely site that you may find interesting. [ Benjamin Gravely started building his gasoline powered tractors in 1917, in Dunbar, West Virginia]
    There is a connection on this site to a Gravely user group and to Gravely collectors that could answer some of your questions.

    Could you post photos of your old Gravely so we could see it too ?

    I doubt that your machine dates back to 1932 , as you were told. At that time Gravely only made a walk behind ,one wheeled powered cultivator and cutter bar mower/tractor called the model D. They introduced the two wheeled model L tractor in 1936. This tractor [model L] is what you see in the photos by leadarrows, although his older unit is probably from the late 1950's.

    In the early 1960's Gravely bought out a company called Kleen Kut that was out of Kansas. This may be what you have.

    The fact that you say it has a Wisconsin engine on it [Gravely made their own engine then] and that the mower is belt driven [Gravely prided themselves on using shaft and gear driven PTO systems to their mowers and implements then] these facts indicate that your machine is probably something else [post pictures]

    Gravely has been made at Brillion Wi for about 10 years now, how far is your town from Brillion and Ariens/Gravely ?
  8. Ax Man

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    My Mom still has an opperational 1937 model L.
    We have the rotary mower, Gang reel mower, sulky, rotary plow and cultivator attachments for it.
    I could't tell you how old the different attachments are, but all are built like a brick $#!+ house.
    And Yes it is a Gravely engine, started with a strap wound around a pulley on the back output shaft, all gear driven.
    Dual wheels!
  9. The mayor

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    I will have to post pictures.To me it looks like a toro wirlwind.The belt from the engine to the blade is unreal. It looks like it should be on a thrashing machine.Thin and wide.
    Sorry to post on commercial lawn site,But I thought it would be some different talk on here.
  10. Mdirrigation

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    I started my business with a gravley convertable , they were basically indestructible

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