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Discussion in 'W.E. Chapps' started by script, Jul 31, 2002.

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    I am always hesitant to order products for the first time because you never know what you're going to get. I ordered the boot cover for the trimmers on Friday evening after business hours, regular shipping, and the order was processed on Monday. I received my cover this morning which is Wednsday. I never would have expected to get it this soon, and I have to say that the quality of the cover is great. I really expected a thin cheap cover, but you can feel that this cover will stand up to the elements. I will definitely recommend your product and am very satisfied and want to thankyou Chapps for shipping it so quickly.

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    Thanks for posting back in the Manufacturer's Forum. W.E. are glad that you thought enough of your ordering experience, quick shipping and the product itself to take the time to let us and the Lawnsite community know about it.

    Word of mouth has always been the best advertising out there. We can say "quality landscaper accessories" all day long, but when the people that are actually using the products are saying it - that makes others in the green industry pay closer attention.

    W.E. put the same attention in detail, workmanship and quality into each of our products. Having been a landscape maintenance contractor here in Florida for 3 decades, we learned alot toward what is needed out in the field every day.

    Hope you're having a great season!
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    I'll jump on board and say the same. I ordered a pair of chaps a few years ago and they're still in great shape. I liked them so well I ordered a second pair for my helper when he started wearing shorts.

    I've also got a litter bag on my walkbehind that I wouldn't be without! Seven seasons on it and I"d bet I'll get another 5 from it.
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    Thanks for taking the time to write about your W.E. products and how they have worked for you. Our Dealers for years have told us numerous times that we make our products too good. Your products are a good example of what they are talking about. Several years of commercial work using Cotton Leg Chapps and 7 years on a Mesh Debris Bag is awesome!!!
    W.E. have been thinking lately about having a section in our web site where everyone could post pictures of their W.E. products and their equipment... state who,what and where you are and some comments about what different products have done to help you in your day to day work, how well they held up, customer service, what changes you would like to see or have made in a product to improve it. How does that sound?
    Quality products and innovative ideas plus customers just like you are what has allowed us to continue to bring Safety, Comfort and Convenience to the Green Industry.


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