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  1. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    Since I often give a bit of a break to any family that has a husband or wife in the service of our country, would it be appropriate of me to advertise the fact that I am a wartime veteran myself? Has anybody used this angle in their advertisements to hook potential customers?
    Now please, don't let this get sidetracked or hijacked into a thread about whether we should be offering discounts to vets.
  2. ProCare Lawn Service

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    Why not? Whatever works.
  3. GTLC

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    Last year I mowed a lawn for an activated Guardsman in Afghanistan. I did it for very, very cheap and I sure wasn't making any money with it. But, I was proud to do it and I would sure do it again. For all of these men and women fighting for our freedom, we owe them so much respect and gratitude.
  4. lawnandplow42

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    you got that right
  5. olderthandirt

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    ABSOLUTLY! and Thank You.
  6. Runner

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    I agree fully. It is NOT bragging. It is something that you did, and accomplished. It was for good reason,...not solely for yourself. It's sort of reminds me of the guys who meet up with each other and talk about Nam. They can do that, because they were there. I've always gone by the OLD rule, of something I once read on a patch. It said something to the effect of. "Vietnam....if you weren't there, ...shut up."

    Anyway, like I say, you earned it, you deserve it. It is an admirable trait.
  7. HighGrass

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    Some really good posts here. If I lived where you did, I would advertise it. Where I live, it would probably hurt more than help. The reason? I live live in an area that is overrun with spineless malingering academia. Sorry...just had to vent a little. :cool2:

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