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Vibratory Plow for MT-55


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I am thinking of purchasing a vibratory plow for my Bobcat MT55. The dealer quoted me a price of $5600 which does not include any blades, cable reel holder & etc. This was a little more than I was expecting. What prices have you paid for similar equipment. Will other mfgs plows work on the bobcat? I know you will need an adapter for the attachment plate. For those of you with the bobcat plow how do you like it? What is a good aftermarket source for plow blades & etc.


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SW Ohio
You wont be happy with it. Go buy a machine that was designed and built for for pulling pipe not one that is an add on that "ALLOWS" you to pull pipe with the machine you already have.

Dirt Boy

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Check with rental companies, I picked up one (Toro) for something like $2500, along with some other stuff.
And my experience has been OK. I use it on a DW SK650 and if you have straight runs or gentle curves you can go like crazy. It don't work so well if you have some tight radii. So, you need a smaller unit as well which I already had.
I bent my blade several times, so I bought a good one, and haven't had any trouble since.
It kinda depends on what your operation is like. I wanted a multi function machine that can do more than just pull pipe. If I had the choice, I would buy a good dedicated machine for pulling, but for what I do, well..... some day.


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New Bern, NC
Here are some pictures of the plow. I will post some more as soon as I can get them uploaded. I will send you a PM about price and freight.