Victory For Bush, I some Maine Towns.

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    I think all you city boys and gals will get a laugh out of this.

    The thread should read Victory For Bush In Some Maine Towns. However you can't edit the thread's name.

    Two towns in "Maine" closed their polls this afternoon.

    Lake View Plantation:

    Bush 37 Votes
    Gore 32 Votes
    Nader 1 Vote
    Total Registered Voters 70 100% turn out

    Green Wood Plantation (i think is the name)

    Bush 3 Votes
    Gore 0 Votes
    Nader 0 Votes

    Total Registered Voters 3 100% turn out.

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    Well im a Mainer acually southern Maine and we have pretty big town here at Westbrook and Portland area not sure of the turn out yet but sure leading toward bush

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