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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ScottH, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. ScottH

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    Couldnt find anything in searches on how to allow video downloads on a web page.

    We have now designed 2 different web sites and have basically figured out everything we need. Checked w 2 different host services, Free - $20 month on the video downloads and neither one could support it? We get video emails so why is this much different?

    We are a manufacturer and dealer. Several of the products we handle are great candidates for video. Remember, seeing is believing.

    Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks- Scott H
  2. Stonehenge

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    I'm no expert, so don't take this as gospel, but I don't think it's an issue of your host supporting it, but more of your visitor's browers supporting it. The file will ultimately be played on a viewer that either you include in your web page, or a viewer that a visitor already has on their PC, like QuickTime, Real, Windows Media Player, etc. So your host needs to do nothing but hold onto the file and let others download it when they ask for it.

    the nuts and bolts of how you get their players (or yours) to automatically pop up and view your video files is beyond my scope of knowledge.

    But suffice it to say, you will likely need a host that costs you some $$. Free ones will be so slow that nobody will have the patience to wait to see the video.

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