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    Put the power of the Force™ behind your crew today with Billy Goat’s new Small Force Blower! At only 76lbs, the small Force™ is the lightest in its class with 2.5x more power than a backpack blower, but costs only a fraction more! No more “stopping and stooping” with Billy Goat’s Aim N Shoot™ feature. Adjust airflow continuously with your fingertips as you walk. The quiet operation of the Force™ is a welcome relief among users and in neighborhoods. You’ll be a hero operating the Force™.

    Billy Goat’s next generation 27” KV Vac is ideal for smaller commercial property maintenance. The KV can easily shred debris with a large 5-blade serrated impeller. Bag zippers have been eliminated in favor of simple to use marine style clasps. An integral dust skirt keeps dust down and away from the operator’s face. Users love the TKV’s on-board chipper to clean up small branches along the way.

    When it comes to property clean up, Billy Goat features a full line of product solutions for all your needs.

    There is a video to watch this blower in action - worth the time for sure!

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