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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Greenie, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Back in May I purchased 10 bags of Vigoro 29-3-4. The material in the bags varied in predominant color from bag to bag - some were mostly white, some green, and some were a blend of 4 colors. I applied the fertilizer hoping the colors were just cosmetic. Soon afterwards, the lawn started to show bands that seemed to coincide with the different bags of fertilizer.
    Vigoro advertised a money back warranty if not satisfied, so I sent a letter along with proof of purchase and the bar code from each bag.
    To make a long story short, Vigoro has not honored their stated warranty. Every time I call I get a promise that the check will soon be arriving. I even wrote to the President- Taylor Pursell and didn't get any response from him.
    The lawn finally did come back, but I'll never forget the poor performance of Vigoro and the lack of customer support.
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    The material that you saw in the was not mixed properly, no surprise now. In the future return the bags and get new ones.
    I worked for a very large supplier and it tended to happen on occasion.

    as for your refund Get some letter head from your lawers office.
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    Spectrum Brands has purchased the assets that include the lawn and garden lines of Pursell Industries, former producer of Vigoro. Although Spectrum wasn't legally obligated to assume any liability from Pursell, Spectrum issued me a check for a full refund of my original purchase price in the interest of customer service.
    Dealing with Pursell was terrible. Now that a new company owns the Vigoro line, I'll try the product again. I appreciate Spectrum Brand's handling of my claim.

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