Viking Hydro VH 32?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by CJIII, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. CJIII

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    I would like to know how good is this mower? I am planning on buy it next year I hope.
  2. eXmark

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    We think it’s a pretty good machine. It's been selling well and hasn't had any performance issues.

    The 32" deck is the same deck we've been using for several years in the Metro gear drive line we've just bolted it to the Viking Hydro tractor or engine deck, added some narrower tires and that's about it. All of the components are proven and while the Viking and Metro have always shared the same mower decks we've just never (up until now) put the 32" on one until this year.

    The 32" will get you into just about any gate you'll encounter and the hydro drive remains strong in the most adverse conditions. Keep in mind this is the same drive system we use on our 60" Turf Tracer. If you've got a lot of narrow gates, hills or if you must often mow in very damp to wet conditions the 32" Hydro is tough to beat.

    Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if I can be of any further assistance.


  3. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    Will the 32" Viking cut grass twice as fast as say a 21" Honda Hydro? My dealer wants over $4000 for this 32" mower. That includes the tax. I can buy 4 Honda's for that price. I can get five plus years out of the Hondas on commercial routes. Is the price justified for the Viking mower? Please keep in mind that the 48" Viking will run me another $800. To me that isn't much of a price differance. I know it cuts way more grass but it doesn't go through the gates here in So California. If the 32" was so productive that the price is justified.... I would use them on my residential routes all the time.
  4. eXmark

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    Mueller Landscaper Co.

    The 32" will decrease you mowing time substantially when comparing to a 21". I ran a 32" belt drive for several years on my own lawn and have been using a 21" recently. To say the 32" will decrease your mowing time is a bit of an understatement. My lawn is fairly small, has too many obstacles to mow around and is just not very large mower friendly and it now takes me at least 40% longer to cut my grass. Not only does the 32" have a wider cut but also more speed, control and power. It'll just hand a whole lot more grass at higher speeds.

    The 32" hydro was brought to market for the same reason your looking at it. Small gates on decent sized yards. We've offered the 32" belt drive for several years but a belt drive does not have the consistent drive in wet or hilly conditions like a hydro. The belt drive also doesn't offer the maneuverability of a hydro. The hydro drive system allows you to get in and out of tight areas much quicker with less effort on the operator’s part.

    Wide area walk behinds and hydro’s especially like riding attachments as well. Granted you may be able to purchase 4 21’s for the price of one 32” hydro but what would it cost you in a years time for just one full time operator to run one of your 4 21’s. Time is money. If the operator does his/her part the 32” should save you time. Time to add more jobs and generate more income. Adding more 21’s may not add more to your bottom line.

    Get a demo or at least a demo of a 36" with ECS. They'll both give you about the same feel. The biggest difference will be in the engines. The 32" is only available with a 15 hp Kohler at this time and the 36" is only available with a 15 hp Kaw.



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