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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. hilde123

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    I am working with one of Villa & Sons Sureties (bonding company) IFIC on another project and I am pretty sure the entire company is bankrupt. IFIC indicated they are taking a very large loss on getting Villa & Sons projects. I can tell you a company doesnt default on its bonds unless it is in real bad shap; the indeminity agreements the sureties have with almost all companies include personnel assets of the principals.
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    is it going to profitable for your or did the bonding company beat you down on it? im sure they'll be a mad dash by the bonding company to get some assest from vila
  3. hilde123

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    Usually surety takeover work is pretty porfitable, but from what I have seen of late that is no longer the case. I personnally am not involved with any of Villa Sons previous work. I just know of the issue from a project I am dealing with (I work for a general contractor).
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    villa & son is now Visualscape in miami.
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    I don't think this should be a big surprise to people. You make a living the best way you know how and Villa knows landscape. Bankruptcy is designed for starting over and in this economy isn't uncommon.

    It has been a year since I was in Homestead / Kendall area. The nursery business was showing the effects of the bad economy and half of them were closed. Our area has settled out in the fact we lost all our construction worker and we have a retiree service based economy. Those who have been in business here for 5 years or more are doing OK. Maybe we aren't setting the world on fire, but we are paying the bills.

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