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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by bkpickell, Feb 14, 2001.

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    I have a 77 C10 Pickup or at least I think I do. According to the VIN on the door it is, however I was told that it was actually a 78 because it says unleaded fuel only on the gas guage.. I was wondering if there was any other vin plates on the truck did not see one on the dash, wich I thought was odd?
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    do you have the title to this truck? the VIN is on the title.
    The dash VIN is on the metal bracing under the dash pad (at least in 84 it was) so if your dash pad has moved around a little like mine has, you'll look through the cut-out in the dash pad and see blank metal.

    BTW- if it was me, all other things being equal, i'd go by the VIN before what the gas gauge says, unless there is some clue that maybe the doors were replaced.

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    Hey bk - I see this is your first post, welcome aboard! For both '77 and '78, the VIN plate is located on the driver side door post, below the striker bolt. Check out this site: Here you will find lots of info, including VIN plate location and how to decipher the number to figure out just what you've got. 84'GMC4x4 is right - go by the VIN, not the gas guage!

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