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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1grnlwn, Jul 2, 2003.

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    I have not seen anyone discuss this to date. But we have a problem with builders running vinal siding down very close to the ground. One bobble with the trimmer and it's toast. The corner pieces almost touch the ground. Even I slip and tag them once in a while and helpers, fugetaboutut. We picked up a duplex late spring. Side A calls and says mower busted siding. I have mowed every time. Don't think so and it's too high for trimmer. So 3 weeks later side B writes letter in payment. She has been talking to side A and does inspection of her siding. Sure enough the bottom of the corner piece about 3" from ground has trimmer damage. (we probably did it) This little **** job is driving me crazy. I have thought about putting a disclamer in quote about vinal siding and some sort of inch measurment from the ground. I suppose a quote will need to include digital pictures of previeous damage. Vinal siding is garbage and you should see it after a hail storm.
  2. I hear ya, I put a color matched peice of sheet metal on corners people complained about being broken...

    If it's on the side of the house we ask if we can round that up so it does not get broken, or recomend adding a bed there.
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    I know what you are talkin about. I have taken little whacks out of some in my years too. Never really demolished a piece yet. That stuff is junk but it seems to be all they are building with.

    The other thing I have nailed are the little gutter extensions. Being lazy and not wanting to come back and trim, I tried to get close with the deck and don't ya know that those little aluminum tubes set sucked right under a tire. :eek:

    Always something.
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    I took a chunk out of a shed that was being done. Siding went down to ground and I barely hit it and was only at about 1/2 RPM's.. A sheet metal (colored) patch worked well.
  5. jeffex

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    turn your weedeater like you are edging sidewalks and edge the foundation instead. spray roundup to back the grass off the siding. It can be repaired with bondo and matching paint if they push for repair.
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    This was a very big issue until I started recommending beds be installed to prevent damage in the first place. I have had this problem at my own house. You just have to go real slow around the stuff.

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    I busted the heck outta some drainage pipe extensions today. Oh well...

  8. bob

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    If possible, put a bead of Roundup around the base of the vinyl siding. Mobile home trailer skirts are also real easy to rip up!
  9. nelbuts

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    I agree with the RoundUP. If they don't want a bed around it then kill the stuff about two inches out. We used to have problems with screened in pools right down to the ground and we killed it. Funniest thing was a a mobil home retirement park that had the plastic drier venst right down on the ground. After replacing a couple of dozen I nuked them all. ALL 280 OF THEM!
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    Yes, you read it correctly. What I'm referring to is w/ spring & fall clean-ups. The mufflers on the Redmax (& others too I'm sure) heat up so much, that if your pinned between the hous & a shrub too long, the muffler heats up & melts the siding. If it hadn't happened to one of my crews, I wouldn't have belived it.

    For quick vinyl siding repairs, just go to the nearest siding distributor & get the "zipper tool". Just unlock panel above one that needs replacing. You're screwed if its a corner post!

    Finally, its best to use round-up between a/c units and foundations too as the trimmer line could screw up the wiring, condensor line, etc..

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