Vinegar as Weed Killer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by low baller, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. low baller

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    Recently, I have been mixing two gallons of vinegar with my starter fertilizer as a supplement for killing weeds. I've had
    success in killing some weeds. This is an approach that i picked
    up from my mother in law. Has anyone else used vinegar or
    experimented with ammonia or other household chemicals? I've
    told my clients that I am using alternative methods for treating their lawns and they seem to be very excited about what I might discover.
  2. LWNMWR1

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    i did a little research last summer on the subject. they have some studies out and they do show some success on early stages of broadleaf(post emegergent) but the ratios require using vinager that is far stronger than that which you buy at the store. couldn't find a local distributor for it either. there are some articles in last summers turf issues try their website for a search.
    i also tried corn gluten last fall and will reapply this spring i'll let you know the results. lots of people swear by it.
  3. low baller

    low baller LawnSite Member
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    and i will keep the group up to speed on any results from my experiments, especially if i completely fry a lawn.

  4. quiet

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    The Arctic Circle, hunh? I guess those winter annuals really hang on up there. . .
  5. bobbygedd

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    and i hate to say it, but do u know u actually need to be a licensed pesticide applicator to use vinigar in this manner?
  6. jcanada

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    I had a bad experience with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water last spring. My wife mixed the solution of distilled white vinegar and water to clean our patio furniture cushions. Of course she had to do on my 100% Kentucky Bluegrass lawn. Well there was a dead spot (about 5' diameter) for a few months. I experimented and tried to get new grass seed to germinate and had no luck whatsoever. I ended up digging out the soil about 6" deep and replacing it with some new topsoil. I had grass germinating in 10 days and now the spot is healthy as can be. I just wanted to warn you of your dilution rates and if your wife wants to clean something with vinegar-don't let her do it in your lawn.

  7. PaulJ

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    Not only that, but you can only use Vinigar that is labeled for use as a pesticide. To be completly within the pesticide regulations.
  8. greenbum

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    Vinegar has an extremely acid pH. That's why it kills the weeds. You could of saved yourself all that trouble by adding lime to the soil and watering it in. Vinegar is very effective but only apply it to the weeds. If your worried about the product being labeled only purchase horticultural grade vinegar. It's twice as strong as the over the counter stuff. It's no more harmful for the soil and it's organisms than any other weed treatments are. Try to only treat the foliage. It works great in the cracks of curbs and sidewalks. Parents feel much safer with their children playing on a lawn treated with vin

  9. greenbum

    greenbum LawnSite Member
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    egar than they do when theyre playing on a substance called 2-4-D. It may be slightly ignorant but what can you do about it?


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