Vinegar for Roundup

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 2Sam2233, Mar 22, 2002.

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    Same stuff, haft price, and three times stronger .5 to 1 oz per gallon. only kills tops of weeds not roots. Go back to Roundup with Scythe. Same kill time on top but gets roots also. Add Pennant a nonstaining pre-M and your becoming a chef not a bus boy. Summer rain will kill you if you stay with Spectracide. Diquat has it place best to use under Hibiscus.

    Question: why do I keep helping you? You are my competior, even hire another pest control company to do your work. Stone worked for me this winter. Stone even told you in another post that I do the best work in town. Stone is honest some times too honest. He also told you to contact me for help. I posted my phone number for you to call me. So in Stone fashsion I am asking " are you to dumb to be helped by networking" Sorry but that Roundup license you have is a joke. You took a 8 hour course and a test the same day to get your license. I have to take 10 hours of CEU each year to keep my licenses. I can pull permits for Mangrove trimming, Gator removal (see off topic fourm)
    as well as everything from rodent control to dry wood termites.
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    Ric, when I hired a pest control company to spray for me I didn't even know you existed, it was almost 2 years ago. If I had known of you I probally would have hired YOU. I appreciate all the advise you have given me and if the oppurtunity arrises for us to work together, so be it. I am proud of getting my limited license and I don't feel it's a joke. Also, I did send you a message stating that I appreciate your offer for help but didn't need it at this time. I think the "too dumb" remark was uncalled for. I'm smart enough to have built my business to what it is today. All I did was respond to a thread. You have a good day.

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