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vines in central Florida


LawnSite Member
I'm having a real problem with vines in shrubs this year. Does anyone know of any products that will kill them without harming the shrubs? I have been pulling them by hand and trying to get the entire root, but the extra time spent is really eating up my profits.


LawnSite Member
If it has 5 leaves, you are dealing with Virginia Creeper. That stuff grows everywhere and into everything.

Cut the vine at the base and or pull the root out. Keep on top of it as it likes to come back often.

Pull the rest out. Weed killer will damage the shrubs also.

Welcome to the club.


LawnSite Bronze Member
most likely skunk vine. It is getting into a lot of my propertys from surrounding propertys and appears to be spreading by seed as well. I am no longer including the removal of invasive vines in my regular service it is an extra charge!

Grass Kickin

LawnSite Member
Ocala Florida
question: Have you ever been mowing and all of a sudden you get a rank smell from the vegetation you just went over? It smells like someone had gas. I live on the Gulf Coast as have this happens often. I'm curious to what it is. The guys on my crew call it Florida Fart Grass.