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Vines in Trees?!?!?


LawnSite Senior Member
War Eagle!!
Huge cleanup job, has vines all over the place ranging in size from .5"-5" round. The vines have taken over the trees and the only way I would think of getting them down is climbing the stupid tree and cutting what I could. That would leave the very top of the tree with vines because I would not be able to get to them.

What is the best way to get the vines down? (Besideds pulling them, three of us hung on them and they would not budge)

Should I just tell the client they cannot be removed?


LawnSite Silver Member
i helped my buddy last summer with some vines he had. we cut them at the base of the tree with a chain saw and and waited about a week and then hooked up my Jeep to them with a chain and pulled them out of the trees. Some of those things are really damn strong!


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North Jersey
Spray the vines with Roundup, I've had the same situation before on a job, spray them with round up and sure enough the vines all died, and after a while i jus tugged on them and most of em came down, as long as you get the bottem the rest will die. I would only suggest this if the trees are older, and try not to get and of the Roundup on the branches. Good Luck

AL Inc

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Long Island, NY
Pretty much the same idea as BSD. Let them dry out and most should pull down. Be careful, I was doing a clearing job with a Bobcat and grapple bucket, and started pulling on some vines on a 40' cedar tree and I pulled the entire tree down:eek: The tree was completely rotten inside. Luckily, the homeowner liked the way it looked without the tree.

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
Spraying Roundup on the vine really won't do much. You'd have better luck just cutting it at the base, then treating any sprouts after that.

Don't climb the trees unless you have the proper equipment and training. There is are a couple of little things called ANSI standards that could come back to bite you in the a$$ if something happened. Namely z133, possibly A300, though I don't know how much A300 deals with vines.