Viney weed Id please

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Can't find a pic online. It has shiny leaves with thorns and when you pull it by the roots it looks like a potato....also, will gly kill it??
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  2. Ric

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    Not sure about Gly, But a thing-a-macbob and whatchamacallit might work.
  3. Dangit, I don't own either of you know what weed I am talking about though??
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  4. Ric

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    FYI This time I was joking.

    No I have no idea what weed you are talking about. Take a picture and post it.
  5. Ric I know, so was I. I'll get a pic and post.
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  6. Keith

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    I bet it's a greenbrier of some kind that you are describing. A brush-rate of Roundup and a good surfactant will work if there is big clump of it with lots of leaves. Usually that is not the case. It likes to grow up right in the middle of hedges.

    Is this it?

    Interesting way of delivering a herbicide in that link
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  7. GatorinFla

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    I've got that crap in my gardens, I pulled the bulbs a while back, and it's coming back again, of course.

    But now I've got a new way to exterminate it.....thx thx.
  8. bug-guy

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  9. Keith I believe this is it. The leaves are different on ones I've seen but the link does state that. Thanks. Anytime I need an obscure weed I'd you def know what it is!
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  10. Ric

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    Thank you for pointing out the delivery method. I am not sure I will ever use it, but it is interesting. I find Garlon 4 does a great job using the stump cut method on controlling vining plant. My method is to use a new PVC glue can with lid dabber to store and use Garlon 4. I just cut the vine and then open the can to use the lid dabber to paint the stern end. You can purchase the brand new empty cans at most all irrigation supply houses.

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