Vintage and Rare Toro Equipment

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    Wanted to see if anyone would be interested in buying a rare set of Toro Equipment. I'm told it is rare to have all 3 pcs, and in such mint condition. The motor (shown on the tiller) can be removed for either cutter or lawn mower. Each has been in the garage since purchased (guessing 1960's). The home I purchased came with all tools and equipment. I love the set and thought they would make excellent show pieces. Oh, also have a Ryan Ren-O-Thin dethatcher from the same era.

    Thank ya!

    photo 1.jpg

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 3.jpg
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    Pretty cool... not in the market myself but I had tons of fun looking.... thanks for sharing!
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    Is the engine newer?

    If that's a plastic tank and gas cap, I don't think it goes back to the 60's.

    I'd say late 70's
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    Could be late 70s. He bought the house in the 60' and 3 neighbors all went in and bought the equipment. The engine starts, was leaking gas. From the photos of others online, it appears to be all original.
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