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Vinyl Fence Repair

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Looking for some suggestions. We have a soon to be ex-customer with a fenced in backyard. They have the white vinyl fence with 2 gates, neither wide enough for a 52" mower but never let it be said my employees aren't determined. Supposedly the 21" mower wouldn't start so a 52" DOES fit through the gate.

Scratched/gouged the vinyl a bit. Fence guy says $1,100 and does not want to do it. I don't want to pay him to do it.

Anyone have some recommendations for some type of filler/Bondo stuff that we can sand it down a bit, fill in the deeper scratches and call it good? Maybe some rattle can paint?
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Thanks...just watched the video a few minutes ago.

Think we're going to sand it and if that doesn't work we'll try this in the spring.
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Grass Groundcover Gas Concrete Road surface

Right after it happened, it doesn't look like this at all.

I'm still thinking a little sanding and maybe that repair kit.
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Take it to plowsite little fella
This is actually the correct forum...stay in your lane Mr Hay Dood wearing Illernoizian.
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Sew mulch anger...and jealousy!
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