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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Roger, Jul 3, 2006.

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    I'm not sure where to post, so I'll try here ....

    Where can I buy parts for vinyl fences? Even a more basic question, where can I find the brand, if there is one?

    Back up about two weeks .... A residential customer installed a vinyl picket fence, probably about 52" high to keep two dogs penned. The entrance gate is very small, about 36" wide. When closing the gate two weeks ago, we apparently pulled on one of the pickets on the gate, causing it to come loose from the cross member. I never located a connector that fell out. In doing some calling to local lumber yards, hardware stores, big box stores, etc, nobody could give me a connector fitting. At the suggestion of a couple of folks at the stores, I bought some glue and reattached the picket to the crossbar. However, I am unsure this is a long-term fix.

    I tried, without success, to find a brand name on any fence part. I have great difficulty reaching the owner, and doubt she could even give me the installer anyway.

    Perhaps the panels are not premade, rather the installer buys stock, cuts into the lengths needed for the job, and assembles on the job site. I have seen palletized panels in other places, but perhaps this fence is not premade.

    I keep asking about a connector because when the picket is pulled loose from the cross member (something like a 2X4 dismember about 8" from the bottom, and another one about 48" from the bottom - couple of inches from the top of picket), I find holes in each part. They are holes about 1/2" diameter and they meet when the picket is properly positioned on the dismember.

    My thought is that a metal connector is used, an item like a two-headed molleybolt is used to make the connection. That is, one end is poked through the hole and "wings" hold it in position, then the other end is poked through the matching hole in the other piece to finish the connection. Maybe I am wrong about how this works. I was so reluctant to start pulling at another picket, lest I pull another one off.

    As of now, the glue is holding. But, I will not be surprised to return someday only to find the picket pulled off entirely (it is very loose connected to only one cross member). The household has a couple of teenager boys that often use the gate, so it gets heavy use, both in terms of frequency, and in terms of handling.

    I have ZERO experience with a vinyl fence, so am hoping that somebody can lend some insight into a more permanent mechanical fix.

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    in are area they sell it at lowe's, try if you uys have a lowe's i put up 600 hundred feet of the white 6foot vinyl a few years back and thats where we got it.
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    Most vinyl fencing is garbage. Believe it or not that gate is probably held together by nothing but glue. I had the same thing happen. I was gently closing the gate, (it was already wobbly) when a picket just fell off, I started inspecting the thing to find it was all just glued together. Within a month of its installation there were pieces missing everywhere, not from us. The home owner finally just bought hardware to put bolts through each joint.
    I always tell my guys to be super gentle with vinyl gates, most of them are cheap plastic trash.

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