Vinyl Lettering on OPEN trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Kenb2920, Jul 14, 2014.

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    The Vinyl for the trailer was $131 with shipping, there is a name and number on each side, I also got a reflective one made for my backrack, also the outline basically doubles the price because it adds another color. I think plain white would have only been like $50.00 or something. I'm in Canada and always look for Canadian retailers because shipping and duty from the states is unbelievably expensive. The Vinyl came from, the metal sign was about $50 if I recall, got it last year and came from They were great, I had a pixelated image and they enhanced it and made it look great, the sign is very nicely done.
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    Absolutely. We don't do maintenance. We track all of our leads and ask where they got our name from. While a good amount comes from word of mouth, google searches, and advertising, a large substantial percentage comes from people seeing our trucks and enclosed trailers parked on an install site or just from constantly seeing our trucks while driving around. To give you an idea, we've been on a site for over three months now, most days there are 8-12 guys working the site. The customer originally contacted us because he routinely saw our trucks sitting in morning rush hour traffic, one day while waiting in traffic he started looking at our website on his phone. So I would say, yes, we get a lot of work from our lettering.

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