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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Kickin Your Grass, Sep 5, 2006.

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    I need some pics of trucks that have been lettered. I have done a few searches and haven't found what I am looking for. This is kinda what I had in mind for my truck:

    #1 spot= Phone Number

    #2 spot= My business name.

    #3 spot= List of things we do ( Lawn and Landscape Maintenance) or (Mowing - Hedge/Shrub Trimming - Bed Work - Leaf Removal) or my slogan (For All Your Lawn Care Needs) etc.

    I dont want it to be tacky and I want it to look proffesional. Post up some pics and let me know if I am over doing it. Thanks!

  2. jandreau

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  3. Mike33

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    I went thru all of that 6 years ago even painted gold leaf. All looked nice until time to sell truck. I now use magnetic signs take them off when in personel use where i dont care to have my name on display. Dot recquires your dot # name of business and location. . Md. home improvement Commision recquires your licence # on vechicle also. So what i have on my Magnetic sign is
    Bobcat Landscaping Service
    MHIC *****
    W.Va. ***** licence numer
    Corriganville, Md.
    Pnone number

    Dot # is on toolbox

    Advertisement is funny i cant say what is the right thing to do, but i dont hog my truck with it anymore. A guy passes you 60 mph he dont know all the details on yout truck. Or if your cutting grass, dozing a yard, building a wall or pavers and your truck is sitting there with your name and phone # they will call if interested.
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    I think the K-I-S-S theory is crucial on a truck. People have about 3 seconds to read what you put in front of them on the road. You want to make maximum impact. Really what you want is for them to recognize your name when they see your marketing material and say, "Oh yeah, I've seen their trucks."

    pics 191.jpg
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    i agree and disagree,if the name of your company stands out,the passer by will remember the name if he wants you he'll look for your name in the phone book.

    the number is great when your parked at the store other than that driving by the driver will never see it.its still a bonus though.

    i can see mike's point about privacy,but if your at the grocery store for example there's a chance someone may see your truck and remember you.

    as long as the company name and the phone number is bold and stands out thats all you need.your truck is your best and cheapest advertising.
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  7. Mike33

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    Like i said figuring out advertising is like knowing where to pan for gold. I dont want to think that i dont need advertisement but there are times i do like my privacy. My truck works in the day then it can be pleasure also. ! example is im a shriner and i have pulled several floats and trailers during our parades, there is a shrine imperial law stating that you can not have personel business ads on vechicles in our parades. My sign can come off real quick and my play time starts. I would try to stick with something that can be removed easy to have least expense when you sell your truck. I am formerly auto body and paint by trade before i started landscaping and it can get real expensive repainting. Good luck to you and show some pics when you get your truck completed.
  8. Kickin Your Grass

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    I am going to go with magnets. I will post some pics when I get them. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Mike33

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    Please dont let me twist your arm on your descision, but like i said ive taken both routes and they work well. My opinion for what its worth!
  10. Mike33

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    Nice looking truck.

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