Vinyl Lined Pools and Paver Decking

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    Over the years the question about removing the plastic or aluminum coping around the top perimeter of a vinyl lined pool has come up here at this forum.

    I am no pool builder. And I'm not a pool remodeler. So my knowledge is limited, very limited.

    Recently the question came up where a lawnsite member was say that they wanted to remove the plastic coping on his swimming pool. So I am starting a dedicated thread to this subject, that way if anyone in the future has questions about this, they can find this topic with a search.

    Below is a picture that I took this morning. This particular vinyl pool has an aluminum coping. The concrete apron around the pool is molded into the coping. Meaning that removing the coping is really NOT easy to do.

    In the pic you see a small plastic strip. I believe the pool industry refers to this as a "track". This "track" is what holds the top of the liner in place. If you remove the coping - then the "track" won't have anything to anchor into. With this said - It's my opinion that you do not try to remove the coping.

    There are various types of coping. This pic here is just one example and is not intended to be gospil.

    Next week we're doing some work where there is another vinyl pool and I will try to remember to shoot pics of it's coping.

    Pool Liner 2.jpg

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