Vinyl Siding Pressure Washing?

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Wilson.Enterprises, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Ok guys,
    I have a few questions here. I have a big property maintenance company i do a lot of work for. They have recently asked me to power wash some buildings for them. 7 2-story 8plex apartment buildings, 7 1-story 8plex apartment buildings, One small office building (only one office inside so maybe 40 x 20) And one more small laundry building.

    So i am only doing this job because this is a great customer and i want to keep them happy. I want to do the best job possible! Also it was brand new siding last year and they want a wax put on it also.

    So here are some of my questions...
    Regular pressure washing Vs. Soft Wash?
    Which is the better option for my case? I know nothing about soft washing at all!

    With regular pressure washing since the siding is so new and fairly clean do i need chemicals?
    And if so can i just use the chemicals as i spray or do i have to spray them on then go back and rinse them off?
    How do i apply this wax?
    Is there a solvent i can just spray through the machine and be able to clean and wax all at the same time.

    With Soft Washing Does the X-jet hook up to a regular pressure washer?
    With this do i need to rinse the chemicals off?
    How do i apply he wax and what should i get?

    And lastly I am in Upstate NY. Lake George Area... I have no clue how to charge? For all of my landscaping and excavating i charge $50 per man... Is this appropriate for pressure washing?

    Any information anyone can give me on doing this with the highest quality and most efficient would be awesome! This company gives me A LOT of work and i always deliver the best quality so i want to on this also!

    I appreciate all the responses i can get!
  2. Wilson.Enterprises

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  3. ducnut

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    Somebody will come along with more knowledge than me.

    I work PT, for a painting contractor. He figures $45/hr flat-rate. All expenses come out of that. What I don't know is if you'll need a lift and what this "wax" costs. Those would be extra expenses that would have to be figured in. We use a standard, commercial pressure washer, siding wash, and just change the tip and distance from the surface, for performance. The wash has to be rinsed off. We've never used "wax".

    Bottom line: Get in and out. You can easily lose your rearend/get buried on these deals. We have.
  4. Wilson.Enterprises

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    Ok, So i have been doing a ton of research... I am going to buy Telescoping Wands from northern tool that go up to 24Ft ( )

    I want to be able to do these buildings fast so i am going to buy a few more pressure washers and have a 3-4 guys going at it. What i am thinking of doing is having one guy start a building with the soap mix and another guy follow behind him rinsing with the water/wax.

    Does this sound right to everyone?

    What chemicals should i be using to wash with?

    What should i use to Wax with? I was told meguiars gold class liquid car wax mixed 6 ounces to 5 gallon pail??

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. ducnut

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    That's what the big wash crews, I see, do. You'll need to multiply your hourly rate by the number of crewmembers.

    Do not buy axial pump pressure washers. Only buy triplex pumps. They cost a little more, but, will last much longer. I've rebuilt our only axial pump, three times. It's down, now, with a messed up housing. The triplex models we have haven't been touched.

    We just use whatever the home improvement stores have that is the cheapest. The pressure seems to be the bigger factor.
  6. JBNC

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    Trying to pressure wash the buildings using high pressure will take forever. That telescoping wand will get heavy and they are a PITA in my opinion. Using the right tips and the right chemicals you should be in and out pretty quick. I've used bleach with good results but most guys use a "wash" that they either buy or make themselves.
  7. Roof Cleaning Virginia

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    I have a friend in upstate with a very successful pressure washing company. He could be a big help to you. PM or call me if you'd like his contact information.
  8. Revitalize

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    Definitely soft wash.

    It's the new age my man, and keeping a clients property well maintained (without blowing parts of their property away) is crucial.

    Good luck to you!

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