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My Sister and Brother-in-law just bought a nice house in a Southern Burb of Richmond VA. Wanted to help her out and maintain the already nice lawn that came with the house. My question is... In the next few weeks, would you recommend a pre-emergent herbicide with fert (jumpstart on next springs early warm-up) or do southern lawns need different applications than the Northeast (eastern PA). I would then go back down in the early spring for a follow-up application of pre-emergent and fert with a backpack sprayer of Trimec for spotting weeds. Just dont want Mr. Crabgrass to take over the nice turf. All neighbors lawns look weed free, so I thing spot spraying will suffice. The lawn looks to be about 18,000 sqft. Just wondering what ya-all do down south of the Mason-Dixon line?

Any ideas would be great.



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Recent studies have shown that putting Pre-M down in the fall works well into the spring (might just be certain chemicals), & then do a second app in the late spring. Instead of 1 or 2 apps in the spring. Lots of the labels coming out now have that recommendation on the directions. Dixie, I was under the impression that a fall Pre-M app. should be late October or November in order to last through the winter. There was a good article on this in one of the trade journals & if I can find it I'll let you know what it said about it.


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Thats just the question... I think their season down there would lend it to an early germination cycle (Early March) as opposed to the NE (late March/April). And I would probably be going down in Mid to late October and then again in Early March.

I really dont know if they even have a crabgrass problem in Richmond??? I know that in Florida, the grass of choice IS Crabgrass!! Oh well.

Thanks guys for the info...
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Your area should be real similar to what Richmonds climate the seasons might run a couple weeks behind where you are. We are right on the transition zone.


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I dont live Richmond but for the pre-m it is a idea that has had sum thought . Tru green is doing it this year in northern Va. where I am at, but for myself I would just put down a good feert with pot ash to top it off
We have trans grass ever kind there is.
and crsp grass yea we have it