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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by economiclawncare, May 19, 2004.

  1. M & L

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    Did you not have your license when you were doing my dad this summer?
  2. M & L

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    Any one interested in a lawn in chesapeake kemp woods? off kempsville

    this is my dads lawn.

    looking for someone else this up coming year.

    mike= 401-527-5527
  3. maglandscape

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    I may be able to do this. Can you give me the street name so I can check if it is on one of my routes? I am trying to keep my properties as close as I can due to the fact that gas is supposed to go even higher.
    Magnolia Landscape

  4. M & L

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    Ok as i mentioned kempsville rd.

    its the section between volvo and greenbrier. just down from central meats.

    do you want an exact street or is kempsville ok to see if its in your route area.

    text my number if you need more details
  5. M & L

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    Got an inbox from a couple of you . Just hope the one who used to do it isnt sending pm's about my dads place. Ill give you a full story off line.

    I sent two pms back and havent heard back from any one yet.

  6. dKoester

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    I'm sorry you would think of that. I haven't. I haven't talked to anyone on here about anything. Things didn't work out, but i'm not going to run my mouth and be a fool. That would show no respect to you or your dad.
  7. BeechScapes

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    Let me know ive never posted on here before and only cut a few yards last year none in that area so it wasnt me haha. Anyways hello to everyone ive been in the business for 15 years mostly design and install and maint. end of things. I specialize in spraying for disease insect control on trees and shrubs. Started in grass cutting two years ago for more money its been going good so far really enjoy it just being outside in general is great.
  8. BeechScapes

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    Here is our website just started it still has work to be done. let me know what you think
  9. GQLL

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    My thought and prayers go out to the residents of vabeach. Last news update i got they still havent searched 3 buildings so the death count could rise. It a sad day today.
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  10. willretire@40

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    Looking to go in with some to buy a grandstand with fleet pricing. 36" going for $5900 if we buy 3 at once.
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