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  1. Eric ELM

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    I just heard on the news about a Virus from England. It is spreading like wild fire. The headings are Here it is, Here you go, and Here you are. There are these 3 different headings that if opened, affect the email program MS Outlook, so don't open these if you get them. I hope this helps save someone. :)
  2. LoneStarLawn

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    ESPN just announced an email virus associated with Anna Kournikova. So any email with her name in the subject should not be opened.
  3. zimm4

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    Thanks Eric, This is the first I have heard of this virus.

  4. cclllc

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    The tennis star virius shut nashville down today.
  5. plymouthvaliant73

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    The virus comes as an attachment named ``AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs'' and carries the message ``Hi: Check This!'' At least three subject lines have been identified: ``Here you have,'' ``Here you go'' and ``Here you are'' -- all followed by a smiley face.

  6. ``Here you are''

  7. TJLC

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    Lawrence, that virus might be worth getting.LOL
  8. Mid Rivers

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    I would be suspicious of any ".vbs" file

    MIDSOUTH LawnSite Senior Member
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    i'm with TJLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. thelawnguy

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    It is not a virus; it is a worm, and all it does is re-send itseld to everyone in your address book. The problem comes when you have say an office of 1500 employees with email and the worm starts replicationg itself and crashes the server due to the enormous volume of mail it generates.

    Its a good policy to not open attachments from anyone you do not recognize.

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