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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Magna-Matic, Oct 15, 2001.

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    Please visit us at the BBQ, where we will be bringing sharpeners and balancers for you to try out and DEMO!
  2. Magna-Matic

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    Well we would like to thank the organizers and attendees of the Lawnsite BBQ, we at Magna-Matic enjoyed meeting some Lawnsite members. We also enjoyed demostrating our products for you and, because seeing is believeing.

    Here is a quick picture of our demo space earlier in the morning before people started arriving.


    Thank you,
  3. Eric ELM

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    Thanks for coming down to the BBQ and showing us your fine products. I was very impressed with all of your products. I hope to be able to get a grinder from you by next spring. Below is a picture I took of your display.

  4. Magna-Matic

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    Thanks Eric, i hope that this forum (Magna-Matic's presence on Lawnsite) can be help to any landscaper in need of advice or the eqiupment to properly maintain his/her blades.

    Because, as we all know, if your blades are not properly balanced and sharpened it doesn't matter what type of mower you own.
  5. bridges

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    What blade grinder do you go with? Is one better than the other, does one do something the other does not?

    Any end of the season deals?

    And also any new products for next year? As in blade grinders
    Or do they stay the same cause they are to good?

    I'm looking to get a blade grinder but not sure if i should get one now or wait tell the spring.

    Thank you Tony
  6. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I have to say the blade grinder was one on the main things I wanted to see. I may sell my RBG soon and purchase one. I thought it was amazing when they took the back side of a blade (the flat side) and put a razor edge on it in about ten seconds.

    I have the balancer and love it.
  7. Highpoint

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    We'll be gettin one of those sharpeners next spring. I was real impressed with the units. Still think the blade cleaner is a bit pricey.

    PS. I must be ignorant so I'll ask. What the heck is the stem grinder?:confused:
  8. Magna-Matic

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    This is to address all of the questions preceeding this post, since my last post.

    Bridges: To answer your question of a difference between grinders. It depends on how you look at it. We mfg 2 grinders, we organize them as MAG-8000 = servicing dealer and MAG-9000 = landscaper.

    We do this for a number of reasons. First the MAG-8000 is a much more expensive unit, it handles the curved mulching blades and normal straight edged blades. It has a full one HP continious duty motor. The MAG-9000 is in the price range most landscapers are willing to pay for a machine to sharpen their blades, it primarily does straight edged right handed blades.

    Both sharpen very fast, almost the same speed (new grinding wheels are being tested to make the MAG-8000 faster), but there are many servicing dealers that use the MAG-9000 and there are a number of landscapers that use the MAG-8000.

    Where the MAG-8000 is concerned some people just have to have the 1 HP, it does something for them, and that is o.k. But please realize there is a lot of punch in the MAG-9000.

    At this time we have planned no "end of season" deals, we generally offer deals at shows and expos like the BBQ, where you could have saved a bit of $$$ on a new grinder. But occasionally we put one on ebay as a promotion.

    The only new product at this point is the CLEANER, we are looking at some new designs to bring the cost down, but as our grinders stand, there will be no new models. We believe that you should make a product that works for the consumer, and not create a proliferation of products for the sake of selling. We are a smaller company striving for performance and quality. As for waiting or buying now, the major difference is that in spring what you want could be on backorder depending when you order, or buy now and get it now. We usually stock product quite well.

    greenquestlawn Thank you for your complements, one of our biggest struggles is proving to people that there is a difference between a MAGNA-MATIC product and all others. And i don't know of a person that has not been convinced of our dedication to performance after a demo of our products.

    Highpoint I will not disagree that the cleaner is expensive, but in its defense if you lease the cleaner for 2 years (after which you own it) it is a cost that you depreciate over time like your mowers. If you told some homeowner what you pay for a mower they would probably think you are crazy. But your commercial mower GREATLY reduces the time that it takes to mow a lawn vs a normal mower. So when your labor becomes expensive enough that you cannot afford to pay some guy to scrape all your blades for 3 hours @ $13 per hour, the cleaner becomes more attractive. The selling point of the CLEANER is the labor time it reduces, and of course you need a volume, or a high enough labor cost to justify its purchase.

    NO it is not ignorant to ask a question. What you are referring to is the VALVE STEM GRINDING GUIDE if you look at the MAG-9000 there is a small V block. You can use this to face valve stems when doing a engine rebuild or re-square your old allen wrenches. ENGINE POWER DIST is a Briggs dealer and education center, they use a MAG-9000 almost exclusively for facing valve stems when teaching techs how to do engine re-builds, becuase it is so easy and accurate. They of course sharpen their blades with it as well. :D

    So, after all my writing, my fingers are tired, but i hope i answered your questions. I want lawnsite members to know that MAGNA-MATIC is here and dedicated to help landscapers reduce labor time (spend more time mow'n, and less time in the shop). If you have any other questions, here is the place for them. :)
  9. Highpoint

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    Funny. It's late, my mind was waundering. I was thinking you were talking about Valve Stems ( to blow up tires! ) I'm going to bedL LOL.

    PS. The cleaner is looking better. :p
  10. Eric ELM

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    I know everyone in that picture except the closest guy with the multi colored shirt, blue cap, and gray pants. Does anyone know who that is?

    Todd, I was also impressed how fast it took down that back edge to a cutting edge. You made a believer out of me. ;)

    It would come in handy to balance those way out of balance Brand New Blades. It takes me a long time to grind off enough on one side to get some of them balanced.

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