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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOLE-N-ONE, Sep 3, 2006.


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    I visited my local SCAG dealer on saturday to look at ZTR's. I was looking at the tiger cub. There was one they had on display was a 48" cut with a 24HP B&S as the power plant. The other was a 48" cut with a 19HP KAW.He told me that the 19HP KAW would be more powerful and out preform the 24HP B&S. How can this be the B&S has 5 more HP.(What do you think of the tiger cub product?):confused:

    Thanks for the insite!
  2. tacoma200

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    It can't be more powerfulf if they are rated properly. Horse power is the amount of work an engine will do under controlled conditions in a certain amount of time I think. But sometimes a smaller hp motor will do as well or better because of things such as torque, cubic inches, efi. real world circumstances. Many diesels have alot of torque for lugging for example but the hp figures may not be that high. Both figures are important hp and torque. The B&S may develop it's hp at a higher rpm if it has a smaller displacement. That's why you see guy's on here say there is no substitute for cubic inches. Nothing wrong with Scag products, very well built.
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I have a tiger cub with 825 hours and a 20 hp kohler engine and I really like the mower and it has served me well

  4. Brendan Smith

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    i have a 22 hp briggs on a 50" deck, my buddy has a 19 kawi on a 48" deck. the torque difference is incredible. the 19 will keep going long after the 22 has bogged down to the point of stalling.
  5. Green-Pro

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    I have a Tiger Cub with a 19 horse Kaw. runs strong. Torque IMO has a heckuva lot to do with getting the most out of a motor. Like Tacoma pointed out in reference to a diesel vs. a gasoline engine. HP is a definite component to a power plant but means nothing if it lacks torque, IMHO.

    I've recently demoed a Toro Z Master 52/23 HP Kohler Command, when it came time to cut heavy with dew, long grass the Tiger Cub bettered the Toro for cut quality and clipping dispersal. My Turf Tiger has the same horse motor, 23, but is a Kawasaki, it is in a whole 'nother class than the Toro.

    What is the culprit behind the TC bettering the Toro? Simple, Torque. I'm not completely knocking Toro here, just offering some practical hands on comparison observations. I've already told my dealer if there was a snowballs chance in Hades of me switching to a Toro, I'll need to try the Diesel to decide :) .

    BTW my dealer claims the Kaws have always had more torque than Kohlers, not sure about this myself but in the above case it is correct.
  6. Scag413

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    I have a Tiger Cub with a 19hp Kaw. and I stand behind it all the way. I have not mowed with a Briggs on a zrt but I love my Kawasaki it runs great.
  7. nobagger

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    A friend of mine has a Scag with a 19kawi and it seems to cut through some heavy stuff. He loves it.
  8. pugs

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    Which 19HP Kawasaki is it?

    These guys that say the thier 19HP Kawasaki has big torque probably have the FH601V's. Same displacement as the 21, 23, and 25HP engines at 675cc.

    The newer Kawasaki 19HP model is the FH580V which is 585cc

    HP is a product of torque and RPM.
  9. L.L.Care

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    I would go with the Kawasaki or anything else but a B&S. I once was a small engine mech. at a rental store and we were forever having problems with the B&S compared with the other major engine makes.
  10. metro36

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    I would go with kawi. My dad has a 21 on this exmark 48'' and it has plenty of power to spare even when running the ultravac. I have a friend running a 60'' toro with a kohler 23 on it and after mowing his 1 acre property for 4 years it burned out. The engine cost 4 grand to be replaced. The machine also spends alot of time in the shop with engine problems.:realmad: As for my dads kawi, five years old and still running strong although it is only used to cut a 1/2 acre property. As for briggs I think they are crap. There engines never generate as much power as a equal or lesser sized kawi. *newusflag*

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