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Hey fellas I'm new to the Lawnsite family. I registered and it looks like a great site. I had a couple of questions for you guys. I've got several Stihl products>chainsaws,edgers,string trimmers,and a leaf blower. My BG85C blower is having a carberator problem,runs wide open for a minute or so and then starts sputtering and cuts off. Changed plug ,cleaned air cleaner, and generally cleaned it up. I think it has some trash in the gas line or carb. I use this thing pretty regularly,so gas scum isn't a problem. Anyway I wanted a service manual for it and I see that Stihl doesn't sell sevice manuals and parts blowups. Is there anywhere I can get some of these manuals for the Stihl products. I can fix em myself, but I'd like the manuals if I could get them . Thanks for any reply !!! David


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Goto They have a section to order parts & owners manuals at no cost. Your problem sounds like a plugged fuel filter or a fuel tank venting problem.
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