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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by GreenLight, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Going to give this new addition a shot on an install next week. I have tried every other app/bluetooth/wifi/cloud based technology out there with varying degrees of success and frustration, so I figured it's worth rolling this guy out. Told the customer we would not marry him to it if it's underwhelming and that we would remove and refund, then revert to standard astronomic controls. I am pretty curious about this product.

    If it works even remotely close to what they are advertising, it could really be a solid player in the market and a bit of game changer. It is cloud based, which I REALLY like, can be controlled anywhere and not restricted to on site only communication. 3 zones, dimmable, astronomic and is simply a secondary unit to the lighting transformer itself. I like the fact you can rely on your stand alone transformer and it's pretty adaptable. Little disappointed that it tops out at 150 Watts of load. Makes big jobs a bit challenging without doubling components.

    If anyone has any current feedback, would love to hear it.
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    I would love to hear about your experiences with it once you've installed. It does look intriguing depending on where it comes in on price point. I have found that Luxor is a pretty good option for zoning/dimming - and knockout color if you go that route - but often prices itself out of many jobs. A simple zoning/dimming setup that can be applied to any type of system - reliably - has appeal.
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    I will follow up with feedback...without giving pricing details, wholesale price for the lcs is actually very reasonable. I'm just torn on Luxor. I have a handful of them out in the field and overall I don't dislike them, but WiFi connectivity can be so touch and go with them. Also not crazy about the fact that you are paying a very high premium for Luxor and it only has on site controls and your phones ability to communicate with the transformer is completely reliant on the clients WiFi signal outside. Even if the Luxor is hooked up successfully to WiFi, if I take my phone out in the field to start making adjustments and I get out of range of the WiFi signal it drops phone connectivity. I have never really understood that about Luxor. It's a premium lighting package that I would think be intended for large resort style homes and commercial properties, but your at the mercy of your phone or iPad picking up the WiFi signal of a router that usually is only going to be reliable for about 50-60 feet.
    That's my main interest with this Lcs... As long as it is successfully hooked up to WiFi, it's "supposed" to be basically limitless in range for your mobile device and its cloud based. We shall see if it's all that it's advertised to be. Will update soon!

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