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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Jul 16, 2009.

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    I have just returned from a very interesting, enlightening and successful trip to Cali to meet with the Vista team and tour their facilities.

    I have always used a few Vista products in my lighting systems as they build some really strong performers. Having now seen their operations first hand, and witnessed their ability to design, engineer, build the machines and tooling, manufacture and ship out their products from one USA based facility I am going to start using a lot more Vista products in my systems.

    We were also very impressed by the culture that Dan Cunado has built into his business. Vista is very much a family business and they have a very similar culture of friends doing business with friends that I had come to appreciate so much in Nightscaping in the past.

    I would encourage you to take a good look at Vista's pro grade brass and copper fixtures if you haven't already. They are well designed, engineered and built. Also look for some really trick new products that will be released very soon. Their new telescopic stem for path lights is the best I have ever seen. They also have a new mini-flood fixture that is just going into production too.

    Long established as a manufacturer that supplies the green industry, (and sometimes dismissed by Lighting Only types because of this history) I can honestly say that Vista has a lot of fixtures that will capably and suitably satisfy the needs and requirements of the Professional Outdoor Lighting Industry and spec. grade markets.

    On top of all that, Dan and his team are really wonderful people. I was very impressed by their passion, commitment, history, knowledge and capabilities.
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    They are super people and their capabilities are unmatched by anyone in the USA. James did you get a chance to eat at Lawry's while you were there?
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    What the?.... I have used almost solely Vista products for virtually all of my lighting career (with the exception of being here in Indy), and I have never gotten an invite to the factory. That's cool though, I am glad you got a chance to go. I hear they have really got a sweet setup with all the new C&C machines. I have always liked Vista as a company and have always liked their reps. Once I went to brass products though I had to move on because there brass product line is so limited. It sounds like they are addressing that though. Their brass and copper fixtures are some of the best I have seen and used though.

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