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  1. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I have been looking more at the Vista catalog lately and they seem to have some very nice, upper middle level, copper and brass fixtures.

    They also seem to be underrepresented by contractors here.

    1: Why is that?
    2: Do you use Vista as a go-to manufacturer?
    3: What is your opinion of them, good or bad?

  2. David Gretzmier

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    I have two distributors in my area and neither carry vista. I'm not opposed to them, but when I need to buy something, I go with what is available.
  3. Go Halogen

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    I have been involved in LV Lighting for more than 13 years now. I have used a lot of different product in my years. Vista has always been pretty good to me. Not saying that things never go wrong, but when they do I get good assistance from them. I do not like being left holding the bag and I will say that some other lines have done that to me. My Kichler rep has made me a liar a few times over the years. My Vista rep has done more for me than most.

    As for their product? They fit most aspects of what we do very well. Their brass and copper fixtures are better than most.

    What I like about them most is that they do custom work to fit my needs. I have come up with some crazy requests in the past and they come through.

    I do use other brands at times, but only when the client requests something really fancy or if Vista does not have anything close. Vista is not a middle line manufacturer by any means. I would not be using them anymore if I had repeated problems.

    They have a huge line, but I mostly use the same 10-12 fixtures to suit my needs.

    - Andy
  4. Mr. Quik electric

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    I actually use Vista a lot. I don't touch their aluminum line, (I don't use anyones aluminum for that matter). James the new brass bullet they have is very substantial. It outweighs any other brass bullet light I have handled. I don't use them much for the brass though, although I probably should. I have always turned to Unique for the brass, now their copper line is my number one go to line for anything copper. I just have not seen anything else in copper that is as clean, durable and as has been said, "modifyable" as what vista puts out. I still use Uniques transformers though regardless of fixture choice although I am giving Gambinos tranny a hard look at the moment for our mainstay also. I just like all the extra room in the cabinet for controls.
  5. irrig8r

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    I have had problems with their aluminum line with some finishes fading/ quickly oxidizing and substantial corrosion in wet locations.

    They have covered the corrosion under warranty, but it really shouldn't have occurred in the fist place.

    In fact, the only aluminum alloy fixtures I've installed without ever encountering a finish issue are FX. (DG Lights uses the same 6061-T6 alloy but I haven't installed any to date.)

    I've never had issues with Vista copper fixtures.
  6. NightScenes

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    I use a boat load of their MR16 well lights (5270 and variations of it) and absolutely think they are great. I also do not like the finishes of their aluminum fixtures and won't use them but most of their product line is quite good.

    I figure that a lot of Nightscaping people will be moving to Vista.
  7. NiteTymeIlluminations

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but Vista has traditionally marketed toward the irrigation industry. James, thats why you may not hear too much of it. they don't market toward spec business, EC, etc...they have really concentrated their efforts.
  8. irrig8r

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    True. I think in one of their basic seminars I went to a while back tried to find analogies for people who know water and pipe.

    Most of the folks I know who do lighting have fit it into their landscape related businesses.

    Here's part of an article from Irrigation and Green Industry from a while back...

    "....An analogy is irrigation. Each sprinkler (fixture) has an application rate (wattage). The size of the pipe (gauge) restricts the amount of water (wattage) available to the sprinklers (lamps). If too many heads (fixtures) are in a zone, the application rate (wattage) will be below design specifications and the coverage will be poor. Extremely long lengths of pipe (wire) also result in a loss of pressure because of the friction (resistance) of the inside pipe wall (wire) to the water flow (electricity). Leaks also reduce the performance of an irrigation (lighting) system..."

    And this Fall 2007 Ewing newsletter has an article about Sir Oliver Lodge, and the Hydraulic-Electrical Analogy.

    To fine tune the analogy, the fixtures are like sprinklers. The lamp is like a sprinkler nozzle. It determines the spread (spray pattern), the intensity (GPM) and is a replaceable part that usually fails before the rest.
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  9. Pro-Scapes

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    I have removed more vista than I have installed. Mainly due to poor installations or alluminum fixtures corroding. I have pulled out 3 systems now that were less than 5 years old.

    We did see and really like the copper vista fixtures at lightfair 08 but I do not have a good source for vista and more importantly I am happy with what I am using. I have not been overly thrilled with the Vista transformers either altho I do have 1 running my house that I removed from a job. I also have about 6 I have removed that were melted down because thoes awful tiny taps they used in the past. I do have a pile of the MR16 well lights here paul is speaking of that I removed from a job. Full of water but it is due to installer error.

    Tim. When it comes to saving time on a job and a product you can count on to deliver as it should I dont think you will go wrong with the Gambino trans. Maybe with more guys using them we can get a 900w model made. Plenty of room inside thats for sure.
  10. Go Halogen

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    I have had some previous powder coating issues, mainly around the shore.
    I quickly learned not to install Aluminum fixture in saline environments. Copper, brass, stainless and composite are all that I offer in these situations.


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