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I used earlier this season for Business cards and some labels. The quality and service was great!

Since May, I however have been getting charged by them two transactions back to back on my bank statements. At first, I though maybe I forgot to enter something in and went along with it becuase I had been ordering various stuff from various places. Anyhow, I got my statement for July today and was going over everything. I got charged again in July as well, two charges back to back on my statement of $14.95.

I called the bank this evening and I was told I was charged again for August as well. The bank told me to contnact them as they have heard of this problem in the past.
I called the company and they said by clicking on of the save $10 on this order buttons, I enrolled myself in a rewards program or something. They said those two charges were the monthly fee for the program.
I don't remember signing up for the program and didn't receive any email stating it. The rep then asked me if I was receiving coupons for discounts and free items from Target, Burger Kind, Kmart and other misc places. I said no.

Long story short, they discontinued my membership in the program and say the full monies will be credited to my account. They were rather nice about it on the phone, but I'll be wathcing close to make sure the money goes back. If not my bank will step up and hopefully help me out.

I just wanted to let others know about this. The quality was good and all but I'm not sure if I'll continue to do business with them now.
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