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  1. HOMER

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    If I don't get some good vitamins in me I'm gonna fall over from fatigue! What is out there that will carry you through these long and trying days. Going back to bed right now would be very easy, too easy................I mean really easy.

    The grass is calling though so I have to force myself out of this chair and into the waiting arms of mother nature.

    Please...................someone help Homer. He's feeling pretty wasted at the moment.

    Maybe it's just the morning thing?

    Good drugs thank you.
  2. AltaLawnCare

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    I take "mega-men" from GNC. If you go that route, its worth it to get the 20% discount card.
    I'm still tired and run-down though... and I'm definately not a morning person:eek:
  3. Eric ELM

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    I take Melaleuca Vitamins and they are all natural. You can try these for 90 days and if your not satisfied, you can send the empty bottles back and they give you your money back. I have taken these for about 6 years now, so I didn't send mine back. ;)
  4. awm

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    HOMER try and find a vitamin called maxine. the label says
    GMP and COUNTRY LIFE. not sure which of these is manufacture
    but it might be on the webb either any case this is
    one reason i can still go like a youngun at also
    helps recuperate a lot quicker.luck and laterTM
  5. My choice is GNC ultra mega gold without iron. Iron is bad for men. This product is heads above the cheap grocery store stuff.

    Quality vitamins fight off invading pathogens and therefore stop
    the formation of a disease.
  6. yardboyltd

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    I run track and use to feel the same way after long distance runs. I don't take individual vitamins. Just water or gatorade and a protein bar w/vitamins afterwards. Try this. Before mowing drink at least 8oz of water. Every 20min. you should be drinking at least 8oz of water. If you mowed for more than an hour get gatorade and protein bar afterwards.
  7. grassyfras

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    One thing that might help, but i know you guys won't want to hear this; stop drinking and smoking. Those things are really hard on the body. Anyway be safe.
  8. Charles

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    Charles is a vitamin expert from a long ways back. Vitamins taken in mega doses are a nono and some of the vitamins can be toxic in large doses. People dont understand that the body only aborbs what it need and passes the rest through urine. The body stores vitamin E and A. A recent study showed that Vitamin A in large doses can and will cause liver damage and blured vision among other things.
    Homer, Just eat a balance breakfast : eggs, grits, toast and coffee(just one cup). Not too much bread because it absorbs water. Eat serial containing oats. Like said above drink plenty of water during the day. Stay away from colas. Dont eat any sugar or drink cafeine after 6 pm so you will sleep better
  9. leeslawncare

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    I"ve used mega -men they are good an i've also used shackly..if you have a dist . in your area(i'am sure you do ) they work well for me but .every one you talk to that sells that S%$$ says they have the best stuff out .So you be the judge!Good luck it's kinda like buying life insurance theirs is always better than the next guys ..LOL
  10. LoneStarLawn

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    I have used Mega-men before as well, but the dosage on some of the components are too high. As Charles stated you will urinate the if you notice that then you are taking in excess on a certain vitamin.

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