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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by philboudreault, Jul 17, 2009.

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    clients suck balls. how many times have u given an estimate or design and u tell the client " your going to want a wall here or a path to the shed" or some **** like that and their like " no we don't want that" and then half way into the job they suddenly magically see the light of your reason and decide that now would be the time to tell you that they thought about it and want that path or what ever and its always going to **** up what ever it is your doing or have already done.....or how they insisted that you do a step to their design that they saw on sum gay home and garden show, even though you strongly don't recommand it, you do it to their design and then half way through they try and get you to do it to how you told them they should have it.

    Can you tell ...that i'm doing one of those right now.
    sorry needed to vent.
    what do you guys say to them.
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    This is what we get for being business owners......... We get to deal with the idiocy of the "all knowing public". :hammerhead:

    I'm getting ready to start a job where I started talking with these people April 1st, and we are now able to start the job (three and a half months later) because they have now completely made up their minds on details. Well not completely made up their minds, they still are too F'ing dense to get what a seat wall will look like. These people couldn't visualize a turd coming out of my ass if they tried, let alone a seat wall on their patio.:cry:

    I feel your pain brother!
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    as far as design and construction logistics - I seldom let the client do the specing. I'm the professional - I tell them where they need steps and how many. And thats not to sound controlling - I think business is about trust. If you present yourself in a competent mannor - they'll let you handle it. If you appear to have just finished mowing 10 lawns for the day - they'll probably think you're a rookie hardscape dude.

    My problem is clients trying to weasel their way out of paying for stuff.

    The is an excerpt of an e-mail I received from a client AFTER they signed the contract and paid the deposit, but received like 3 days before we were scheduled to start (they're from England, so don't mind the wording):

    .......We closed on the house on Friday, so it is now officially ours!........

    ......One of the neighbors who is a contractor came round on Saturday and said he had put in a drainage system for the owner. I will show you on Tuesday morning but it goes round down the right side of the house . It's good news in that you can use it to link any drainage system you do straight into the pipes which ends up on the street, but bad news in that you will almost certainly have to lay 3/4 inch thick plywood over the top to stop the plastic pipes breaking as they are fairly near the surface.........

    Sure enough....the pipes got TRASHED! The client's response: "you should have known they were there". My response: Possibly true, but when we first met we talked about accessing the property from the opposite side". Their response: "you should have told us that we would have to pay to replace them before you started"!

    As you can see from their wording - they did not even know pipes existed!!! This, they discovered about 3 weeks after signing the contract!

    Guess who ended up supplying the labor free of charge to replace?!

    That was a month ago, and I'm still bitter.

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    I've posted before about the "neighbor who is a contractor", they show up after you have started and start making suggestions on how this or that could have been done, or where you could have gotten this or that cheaper.
    The TV home & garden shows are one of my pet peeves. They show up at a house and completely change the landscape in 24 hours with only a few people on camera, and many times they do things the wrong way. My wife watches this crap and I spend the whole time yelling "That's not how you do it, dumbass!!!"
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    I hate those shows. we have customers always sayin i saw this on this show or that show and it didnt take em that long so why is it takin you all this long.
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    the #$*@ neighbor dumbass who has 20 years experience in whatever ..... i hate those dudes...or his cousin has a landscape biz ... so he's a pro...they drive me nuts...they show up right in when everything looks like nothing and busts your balls but they sure as **** not around when the job is done and looking golden. or those clients who give you the "my cousin has a landscape biz" go with him why r u busting my balls, especially after you give them a good price on a job.....
    montreal has a huge italien community and many italiens have landscape or asphalt biz so every time u get an italian you get "my uncle " or "my cuz"....

    vodka and hand guns.....thats all i got to say.

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