Vole Control with Castor Oil

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by IMAGE, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Anybody tried straight castor oil applications to keep the voles away?

    I take care of a 3 acre apartment that had VERY bad vole damage over last winter and last spring. They are mostly gone - I still see a couple when I mow, but at least its not the 50+ I was seeing each week this spring. This apartment borders an overgrown/unkept lot so the voles will be back this winter.

    After looking at all the vole repellants online, it seems castor oil is the active ingrediant. I have a tow behind sprayer and was thinking of putting down a couple applications of castor oil(diluted with water) this fall to keep them away this winter.

    Has anyone done this before, at what application rate, and how were your results?

    Of course I will check with my state Ag office to make sure I dont need a special license. But I dont think I will because its not a chemical.
  2. mngrassguy

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    Caster Oil is not a chemical? Should be ok as long it has a turf label. Never herd of anyone trying this.
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    Castor oil does not work. I was sucked into this gimmick last year and I can promise you that the results are terrible. The lawns I applied it to were devastated by voles. The only thing that works is trapping the little bas***ds. There should be someone in the area that is licensed for perimeter rodent control that can set the traps for you.
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    Liquid Fence just dropped voles from the label of their castor oil based product, moles only. Bobbex has a natural product labeled for voles.
  5. Dreams To Designs

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    Castor oil is a deterrent, not a control. As soon as it rains or simply over time, the castor oil dissipates in the soil, the voles will return, stronger than ever. The only real control of voles is elimination through snap traps or rodenticides. Because you have an adjacent vacant lot, you will have a breeding ground for voles. Voles can breed up to 6 times a year and the offspring can breed within two months of birth. They are active and feed any and all times of the day and can destroy a planting in a very short time.

    As was stated above, enlist the assistance of a licensd professional for elimination of voles. I encounter them quite often here in southern new Jersey because of the sandy soils and work with a great company that has been able to get great control on every property they have been involved with. Vole control is an ongoing situation, and as soon as the control measures are stopped, the voles will return.


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