Voles, a new problem for me

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JBird, Mar 21, 2005.

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    I have just gotten my Pesticide License (last week) and am perplexed by the enormity of it all. My first problem is Voles. I have caught one and diagnosed the pest but am unsure of the best way to control them any suggestions from others that deal with this pest would be appreciated. Thank you in advance
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    Hi J Bird,
    Zinc phosphide in a grain bait formulation, placed in the vole's active burrows. Do not place above ground. Highy toxic to wildlife. Contact your local cooperative extension before you buy this restricted use product, and be sure to ask the about local laws in MD. Read the Label. Go Get Those Pesky Critters!

    Pete D.
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    My first failure with voles was this past fall. I've always used an anticoagulant, similar to D-Con. Don't know why these voles didn't take it - maybe my lawn was too much better tasting? Just spread some bait in an active runway, and cover with a patch of screen; I use eavestrough spikes to hold screen in place. Make the screen big enough that other wildlife cannot push under screen to get bait. Pull up one corner to re-bait, and continue until bait is not consumed. Been using that tactic for 20 years.

    For detail description of all wildlife pests, with biology and controls for each pest, go to http://wildlifedamage.unl.edu/handbook/handbook/ ; voles there are one of last pests under rodent section.

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